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Apricity Kartal


It will be good for everyone

On the most beautiful beach of Istanbul Anatolian Side; It will offer a very special life that will be good for everyone with its uninterrupted sea and islands view, spacious flats, lush gardens and landscaping, breathing and daylight-friendly architecture, fun-filled playgrounds and social facilities;

Ekşioğlu Arz Construction with its 60 years of experience and financial giant Sabatürk Invest with its international know-how; A future full of trust joins forces in Apricity Kartal project to offer a very valuable investment opportunity.


Sabatürk lnvest, which brings together its international investment experience with the expertise and experience of its local partners; In the real estate sector, it provides reliable, fast and professional services with its expert and experienced staff in project management, finance, accounting, architecture and law, and produces projects that always earn its investors.

Ekşioğlu İnşaat

Arz Construction, one of the leading companies of our country with its 60 years of experience in the construction sector, has become a symbol of trust and quality in our country with the projects it has produced in accordance with different lifestyles and different budgets, and numerous official superstructure and infrastructure works it has signed.