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Apricity Kartal


Apricity Kartal

It will be good for everyone

On the most beautiful beach of Istanbul Anatolian Side; With its uninterrupted sea and islands view, spacious flats, lush gardens and landscaping, breathing and daylight-friendly architecture, fun-filled playgrounds and social facilities, it will offer a very special life that will be good for everyone;

Living Your Dreams

It will be good for everyone

Denizin mavisinden doğanın yeşiline uzanan, sahip olduğu güzelliklerle natürel bir zenginliğe ve kesintisiz bir manzaraya kucak açan Apricity Kartal, şehre yepyeni bir soluk, yepyeni bir siluet kazandırıyor. Şehrin tüm renklerini, enerjisini ve keyfini içinde buluşturan butik konsepti, muhteşem konumu ve modern konutlarıyla İstanbul'un en prestijli projelerinden biri olmanın gururunu yaşıyor.

A Wide, Comfortable and Comfortable Life

It will be good for everyone

Apricity Kartal , which is designed to be larger than similar projects in the region and in Istanbul in terms of m2 in all apartment types, promises a comfortable, peaceful and comfortable life with its large living spaces.

3 1 and 4 1 flats, which constitute a large part of the project and designed for large families, with wide glass facades bringing daylight and sea view to your home, contemporary interiors designed with the best quality materials, spacious and spacious living areas, make your daily routines with comfort and style. allows you to complete. It provides an unprecedented convenience in the region with an extra laundry / cellar room, parent bathroom and two parking spaces reserved for the use of these apartments.

In addition to stylish and comfortable living spaces, a limited number of garden duplexes with their own gardens colored with every shade of green; It allows you to have a free life breathing in the busy tempo of Istanbul.

On the top floors, the loft flats with an enchanting view of the sea and the Islands generously share all the beauties of life with their wide glass facades and elegant designs shaped with fine craftsmanship.

Waking Up To Endless Blue Every Morning

It will be good for everyone

Located at a distance of only 970 m to the beach and designed to have uninterrupted sea views from the 6th floor thanks to its special architectural layout, Apricity Kartal brings the most beautiful tones of blue into your home, into the center of your life.

An Elegant, Stylish and Comfortable Home

It will be good for everyone

Designed for you to experience a boutique concept with perfect comfort, Apricity Kartal features the signatures of award-winning names in its interior architecture.

Interior spaces that keep the daylight alive in the house with its wide glass facades and provide maximum comfort with its structural language; makes a difference with the use of world class first class materials and excellent workmanship.

Taking a Deep Breath in the Heart of the City

It will be good for everyone

Apricity Kartal offers a life full of freshness that you will share with your family and loved ones, with its vast landscapes where you will enjoy the most beautiful sensations of the warm sun, being intertwined with the earth, and a lush nature. A large part of the project is divided into spacious green areas filled with all the beauties of nature.

In charming gardens with a total area of ​​3000 m2 decorated with lush trees and plants; There are deep blue ponds, waterways, bridges, comfortable resting areas, camellias, winter gardens, a 300 m uninterrupted walking and running track.

With seating groups, camellias and winter gardens positioned right in the ponds in the lower garden, you are provided with the relaxing feel of the water at any time. The walking track is designed with a special ambiance that will give you the feeling of walking by the water. The upper garden, where you can connect with a very stylish wooden staircase from the lower garden, is a perfect peace area surrounded by various trees, colorful plants and walking paths.

Seeing Your Kids Growing Up Safely

It will be good for everyone

Outdoor and indoor children's play and activity areas, which can be used in summer and winter and have a very large area, are carefully designed for the fun-filled times of our little residents.

The little ones are in the open area playground that is located in the green gardens; While they will meet the miracles of nature while having a joyful time; In the indoor playground, they become a part of unique experiences where they will have the happiness of learning while having fun.

A Healthy and Enjoyable Life

It will be good for everyone

With its 1200 m2 size, 6 m ceiling height, in a wide and very spacious place, with its pleasant facilities and facilities, special times for Apricity residents; An amazing "well-being" area where you will feel very good: Apricity Wellness

At Apricity Wellness, 150 m2 fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and positioned intertwined with the pool view and a large pilates room shaped by the most popular sports trends, a large relaxation area and dressing rooms with a stylish design; gives sports enthusiasts the opportunity to exercise in a fully equipped gym. Outdoor sports fields that can be used for football, basketball and volleyball allow you to start the day with a brand new energy.

The semi-olympic swimming pool, where you will forget the tiredness of the day, allows you to rediscover the relaxing feel of the water, while the little ones spend fun-filled times in the children's pool.

The traditional Turkish bath, steam room and sauna pleasure, which are located in different areas for ladies and gentlemen, offer the chance to reward your soul and body.

Designed for you to take a healthy break from a busy day, relax before and after exercise and watch TV, Wellness Cafe is the sweetest address of a good life with healthy snacks and drinks.

Sharing Your Best Moments With Your Loved Ones

It will be good for everyone

Apricity Lounge; From birthday parties of your children to meeting friends, from times worth celebrating to enjoying a coffee with friends ... The Apricity Lounge, which will host, invites you to a very special world where you will enjoy life.

The Lounge Cafe is designed as a real socializing area that you can use freely for evening tea meetings with your neighbors or for an enjoyable game time with your friends. Apricity Lounge is the address for those who want to enjoy their free time with its 130 square meters and 100 gardens.

Apricity Lounge; With its table tennis, pool table and PlayStation room, it is a very colorful area where guests of all ages can enjoy.

Being Near Shopping And Taste

It will be good for everyone

Apricity Arcade; Apricity Kartal, which is planned as a holistic life concept, includes the Apricity Bazaar, which brings together all the colors, energy and pleasure of the city and has rich shopping and eating and drinking alternatives.

Apricity Bazaar, which will host stylish restaurants and cafes, stores where you can reach everything you need, adds a different value to the project as both a social attraction center for its region and a meeting point that offers unique pleasures to its residents.

Welcoming its guests with elegance

It will be good for everyone

At Apricity Kartal, all details are considered so that you can host your guests comfortably and prestigiously.

At the entrance of the building, there is a large reception area designed inspired by the hotel lobbies, with an approximate size of 180 m2, elegant seating groups, a peaceful green area view and a cafeteria. Apricity Lobby, where your visitors are welcomed and welcomed in a very elegant way, welcomes all its guests with a safe, comfortable and prestigious atmosphere.

Knowing You're Safe At Any Time

It will be good for everyone

Apricity Kartal, where all the details are meticulously considered in order for you, your loved ones and those you care about to be in safety and peace, is protected at the highest level for 24 hours with its specially trained personnel serving in the security center and numerous security cameras.